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Mauritius is part of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (‘WIPO’) and signatory to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, the Universal Copyright Convention, and the Berne Convention.

Mauritius aims to become a platform with a sound legal framework protecting the intellectual property rights of brands that are well known and famous within the global village, amongst others. The laws of Mauritius protect copyright, patents, industrial designs, marks (i.e. trademarks, trade names, service marks, collective marks), layout-designs of integrated circuits and, geographical indications.

Our team of professional may assist in the registration of the intellectual rights as follows :

  • Advice on the regulatory requirement
  • Scope of protection under the laws in force in Mauritius
  • The procedures for registration of the intellectual rights
  • Provision of information pre-requisite to the registration and renewal
  • Facilitation of the application process through the application pack and submission of the same
  • Liaison with the Authorities to clear all queries up to the completion of the registration process
  • Renewal of the registration