The Advantages > Mauritius


Mauritius, as a major business financial centre, offers an ideal environment for companies to operate their businesses and provides an attractive package of fiscal incentives, coupled with a conducive regulatory framework. The Mauritian legal system is largely based on English and French law. Criminal law is mainly based on English law, as is company law, whilst civil law is modeled on the French Code Napoleon.

The following advantages offered by Mauritius explain its fast evolution as a financial hub:

  • Economic and political stability
  • Flexible company, foundation and trust legislations
  • Fiscal incentives
  • No exchange controls
  • Excellent telecommunications, business and IT infrastructure
  • A pool of bilingual professionals
  • Low cost administration and support staff
  • Specialized licenses
  • Incentives through the Freeport zone
  • Incentives under the Medical zone
  • A large network of double tax treaties;
  • A large network of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (‘IPPAs’);
  • Membership in the SADC and COMESA.