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The government of Mauritius offers the opportunity to live in Mauritius through the acquisition of high standing residential units under the Property Development Scheme (‘PDS’). PDS is a new scheme recently introduced by the Government which replaces the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) and Real Estate Scheme (RES).

Under the PDS, residential units are sold to non-residents, Mauritians or members of the Mauritian Diaspora.

We provide the following assistance to the promoter starting from the first day up to the handover of the keys to the clients :

  • Information on the regulatory requirements for the project
  • Advisory on the critical matters related to the success of the project
  • The phases, steps and timeframe of the project
  • Referral to real estate agent for acquisition of freehold land
  • Type of company to set up
  • Minimum capital requirements
  • Directorship regulatory requirements
  • Provision of legal services for vetting and/or drafting of contracts, agreements or any other documents
  • Detailed list of documents/information required for the application to the Authorities
  • Timeframe for each document
  • The list of required authorized technical persons
  • Appointment of the technical persons
  • List of relevant permits/certificates and reports required together with the list of respective authorities or government bodies involved
  • Specific criteria identified for the success of the project
  • List of information/documents required for the application of the permit
  • Liaison between the different technical persons up to the end of the project
  • Assistance to the clients for the acquisition of the villa
  • Application process for the relevant permit, if required