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Mauritius, with its wide range of financial schemes with specific characteristics and advantages for operators of the global business and the local sector, is attracting more and more businesses and individuals wishing to do business in Mauritian or globally.

We will endeavor to guide you in choosing the right entity aligned with your business activities and business objectives whilst optimising on cost and tax.

In line with the compliance laws in Mauritius, we always advise our clients on the specific and appropriate licences required for the setting up of their businesses; as a corporate service provider we strictly adhere to the Regulations and laws in Mauritius.

  Performance of due diligence

  Preparation of application packs and submission of same to the Regulators

  Working in close collaboration with the Regulators until issuance of certificate of incorporation and licence

  Bank account opening

  Business facilitation with regulatory bodies

  Preparation and filing of annual return

  Liaising with accountant for the preparation and filing of accounts and tax returns

  Approval of transactions and returns through meetings and resolutions

  Application of work permits for employees

  Setting up of physical office

  Any other services which may be required for the proper functioning of the entity